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A prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating complex dental and facial matters, including the restoration and replacement of missing or damaged teeth using artificial devices.

Dr. Victoria Vickers is the prosthodontist at The Masters Dental Group. After dental school at UT Health-San Antonio, she enrolled in the 2-year prosthodontics program there to receive her training. As a specialized dentist, Dr. Vickers has advanced training in implants, crowns, dentures, and restoration of a worn dentition. “I’m the person someone goes to as their last step in rebuilding their mouth,” she said.

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Who Can a Prosthodontist Help?

Individuals who need prosthodontics usually have an advanced dental disease that requires the care of a specialist like Dr. Vickers. Patients seeking prosthodontic treatment may need a well-fitting denture, implants, or an implant-supported denture. “Their teeth have gotten so worn-down to the point where they need to do something about it. These patients usually have complex cases that a general dentist doesn’t have the training to treat,” said Dr. Vickers.
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Improving Function & Appearance

Through Dr. Vickers’ advanced training, she’s learned how to rebuild the smile by customizing the teeth for the patient. She uses implants, crowns, dentures or a combination of those. Prosthodontics can rebuild the smile and give the patient the ability to eat, speak and chew. In addition to improving function, prosthodontics can help improve a patient’s oral health, which leads to improved overall health.
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Boosting Confidence

Using various cosmetic dentistry treatments, Dr. Vickers can give patients confidence they never had. “They now can have confidence in social events where they may have been shy about attending things because they’ve had problems with their teeth and an inability to eat,” she said. She’s also provided care to patients who suffered from cancer of the upper or lower jaws. Using her expertise, Dr. Vickers has been able to rebuild patients’ jaws to a state of function.

What to Expect

If you would like to restore your smile with prosthodontics, the first step is scheduling an appointment with Dr. Vickers. She’ll ask you about your dental history and anything that has affected the current condition of your teeth. Dr. Vickers will listen to your concerns about dental issues and perform a comprehensive examination.

She will explain procedures in detail and answer all your questions, so you are well informed about recommended treatment before getting started.

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Prosthodontics in San Antonio, North Central TX