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At The Masters Dental Group, we can save your smile, no matter what has happened to your teeth or gums. If you don’t like the idea of dentures, we can provide a permanent option called All-on-4 that looks and functions just like real teeth.

All-on-4 is recommended for people who have unrestorable teeth and don’t want to wear something removable that comes in and out of their mouth. We provide this service for patients who have lost all their teeth on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.

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Same-Day Smile Replacements

During this procedure, we’ll start by taking out any remaining teeth before introducing replacements for the missing teeth, which are held in place by four implants. Only a dentist can remove this piece. You can’t slip your new teeth in and out of your mouth, giving you the strength and security of real teeth without any of the inconveniences of dentures.

You won’t have to spend days or weeks waiting without teeth for us to craft your implants and replacement teeth. We often refer to this service as “Teeth in a Day,” since we do this entire procedure from start to finish in one day. After your surgery, you’ll walk out with a bright new smile.

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Our Process

While the surgery itself only takes one day, the process of planning and caring for your new smile takes multiple visits. We’ll start with a few appointments before surgery to assess your mouth, discuss your options, and prepare a customized solution for you. Every patient’s mouth is different, and we’ll work closely together with you to design a solution you feel good about.

Surgery takes about half a day. We may need to remove any remaining teeth before placing your implants and new teeth. You’ll need to come back in for a few post-operative checks to make sure everything fits and feels right. At the three-month mark, we’ll make a final All-on-4 that is stronger, so it won’t break.

It’s important to continue with regular maintenance so your smile stays in top condition. We recommend a dental cleaning once every six months, just as if you had natural teeth. During a hygiene visit, we’ll clean underneath your replacement teeth to keep your entire mouth healthy and bacteria free.

Is This Solution for You?

You might need a solution like dentures or All-on-4 even if you still have teeth in your mouth. Many people have unrestorable teeth but don’t know it. Severe tooth damage can look like badly broken down teeth, major cavities, decayed teeth, or teeth compromised due to gum disease.

Don’t assume that a few crowns can solve a major oral health problem. Your teeth may or may not be salvageable, depending upon your specific condition. It’s important to get checked as soon as possible to prevent further damage. One of our dentists will do a careful examination to see if we can save your teeth. We’ll be honest with you about whether you’re a good candidate for dentures, Teeth in a Day, or any other dental solution.

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All-on-4® in San Antonio, North Central TX