Committed to Oral Health for San Antonio Patients

The Masters Dental Group is a reputable and experienced dental practice in San Antonio, TX providing exceptional care to the local community. Our family-owned business understands the significance of entrusting your oral health to our qualified professionals, and we’re committed to ensuring you receive the absolute best care. Our practice is designed to offer comprehensive services because we know the importance of receiving dental care from providers who you know and are familiar with your health history. Contact our practice and enjoy the comfort and convenience of receiving all your care in one place.
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A Legacy of Innovative Dental Care

Whether you visit for a bi-annual cleaning or restorative care, seeing a qualified dentist cannot be overstated. Healthy teeth and gums play a direct role in your overall health. Not only is your mouth the gateway to your body for nutrition and a healthy diet, but untreated dental issues can lead to other health problems. Our practice is in its second generation of providing dependable care using innovative technology and modern dental practices. You can be sure you’re receiving services of the highest caliber, no matter what brings you to our office.
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Dental Treatments Designed Just for You

The entire team at The Masters Dental Group is committed to providing customized dental solutions for each one of our patients. Through exams, X-rays, consultations, and discussions about your teeth concerns, we can provide the care you need to have a healthy set of teeth and a smile you can flash confidently. Contact our practice to schedule an appointment and enjoy the benefits of quality dental care.
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Dental Services in San Antonio, North Central TX