Restorative Dentistry

Dentists Committed to Restoring Your Teeth

Even the most dedicated individuals who visit us for bi-annual cleanings and regularly brush and floss at home might need restorative dental care at The Masters Dental Group for one reason or another. Those diligent habits are the best way to reduce the need, but your teeth and gums might need extra care due to injury, genetics, age, or other health conditions. We offer an array of advanced services to repair cracks, chips, decay, and missing teeth to ensure you don't lose their function.
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Various Options for Every Situation

There are numerous restorative dental services to achieve similar goals. Whether replacing missing teeth, covering chips or cracks, or repairing failed dental work, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. Not every patient faces the same problem, and everyone's teeth are unique, so your dentist shouldn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to your issue. You’ll be happy to know that we provide thorough consultations to assess your situation and will help you determine the best option for your goals and budget.
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Restore Your Oral Health and Happiness

Complications with your teeth are concerning as they interfere with eating a healthy diet and having a simple conversation. The Masters Dental Group offers restorative dental services to ensure your teeth work for you and don't limit what you can enjoy. We're here to offer honest and professional consultations to get you back to living with a fully functioning set of teeth.
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Restorative Dentistry in San Antonio, North Central TX