The Daniel Boone of Dental Implants in Texas

Dr. Donald Masters discovered rough tooth terrain and a land of unhealthy gums when he set out to improve the smiles of San Antonians in 1948. But just like the famous American pioneer Daniel Boone, Dr. Masters saw only possibility… that and a lot of people wearing really bad dentures. Dr. Masters’ dental practice was built around a business model that put education first. Patients were thrilled to find that Dr. Masters not only wanted to improve their smiles but also wanted them to fully understand and feel comfortable with all treatment.

Those patients began referring their friends and family and before long Dr. Masters became known throughout San Antonio and Texas as the dental implant expert. He was invited to speak at professional dental conferences across the state and even across the country. Dr. Masters was happy to oblige but always put his San Antonio patients first.

Dr. Masters retired in 1998 but years before, he began carefully selecting the dentists who would take over his practice and care for his patients. Today, those dentists – Vicki Vickers, DDS, Lisa Masters, DDS, MS and Brad Wood, DDS – provide the very highest level of dental treatment and consider their patients part of the Masters family.


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